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Sydney is Australia’s gateway to the world. There are so many places to see in this cosmopolitan city, it’s hard to decide which really are the best places to visit in Sydney. During your next stays, why not opt ​​for Sydney?

First of all, think about car rental

Sydney is a perfect place that contains a lot of iconic places. To facilitate travel during your stay, the ideal will be to bet on car rental. Today, there is a wide choice of professionals who provide you with more than one car to rent. Among the sites, there is  The minimum driving age in Sydney is 21, with a minimum of one year’s driving experience. However, there are models that require an experience of more than 5 years minimum. As far as the car is concerned, of course, the choice is wide, but it is still preferable to choose a small city car. This will make it easier for you to park in the places you visit.

Bondi Beach, a place to discover during your stay

The languid crescent of white sand has made Bondi one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. A walker’s paradise, Bondi’s emerald waves exert a magnetic pull on surfers and hedonistic sun worshippers. Nearby, refined locals swim year-round in the Icebergs ocean pool. Alternatively, walkers looking for a good hike in Sydney head to the Bondi Cliff, with its dramatic scenery and art installations.

Sydney opera

If you’re wondering where to go in Sydney, start at the iconic Sydney Opera House. Being one of the architectural wonders of the world, it tops the list of things to see when traveling to Australia. Danish architect Jorn Utzon’s inspired design has created a world-class performing arts complex in the seascape of Sydney Harbour. As you explore this architectural masterpiece, you’ll discover the colorful stories that are UNESCO-listed Sydney’s piece de resistance .

Sydney Harbor Bridge

For residents, the bridge is more than an iconic landmark, it is part of their heritage and a world-renowned symbol of Australia. Affectionately known as ‘the portmanteau’, the Sydney Harbor Bridge was opened in 1932. Today visitors can see Sydney at its best by taking part in a bridgeclimb experience, traveling to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge and discovering one of Sydney’s most photographed landmarks. As you ascend the arches of the bridge, you will see an epic sweep of one of the most beautiful harbors in the world laid out before your eyes.

Darling Harbor

A great place to relax and enjoy your meal. Enjoy at one of Sydney’s finest restaurants. This place is always buzzing, no matter what day or time you go! Being a tourist place , this place usually offers interesting activities. In two words, Sydney is the perfect place to enjoy an exceptional and unforgettable moment.

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